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I have been with over 400 women in my life and have had more then a several relationships. Amongst these women I have found my true love and knew that I would at one point, which is why I searched everyday for her, mastering the art of seduction. All these women gave me something very important, an experience and knowledge of what it was I was searching for. I’ve been through so many hardships and extreme beauty in life, I would be pleased to counsel anyone whom needs talking to as I see there has always been success with my friends and family. I have studied psychology intensely throughout my life and try to approach things in the most human manner possible, unbiased towards my opinion, which I see from multiple views. I will give you multi-faceted advice if you please on which ever topic you are tangled in, or teach you simply how to get that girl/man of your dreams you see everyday. We will study your relationship in the most intense manner with diagrams even if needed, all is possible, talk to u soon…

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